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Meet the face
behind the posts

My name is Tony Torres and was born in New York City.  Currently residing in West Virginia with my wife Amy and dog Gemma. Like many others, I want to make the world a better place in any fashion I can. Although I myself suffer from a number of medical misfortunes that include chronic pain and depression, my intention here is not to evoke pity or popularity but to share a message of hope and encouragement to anyone who is willing to listen. I don't claim to have any answers but I can share what I have learned and what may or may not be working for me.


Various issues will be covered in blogs and it is important to understand that these posts are merely my opinion. All material written by me is strictly my point of view at that time...I do reference 'at that time' because I do reserve the right to change my mind when presented with facts and/or points of view I was not aware of.  Please do keep in mind that this website is about 'Tony Torres', a person and his writings of encouragement and hope.

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