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Act Instead of React

Way too often we face a situation that makes us fly off the handle and react in a way that we later regret because not only was it unnecessary, foolish and remedied nothing but possibly hurt unintended people in the process. Just take a look at any adult going through a tantrum of any sorts. your first thought is probably that this person is a selfish little fool. I was guilty of that as well a long time ago.

Creating confrontation does not solve anything that simple dialog cannot subdue. Never let your ego or pride be the cause of your misfortunes because their value is null compared to the value of your life and the lives of the ones who love you. Those that love and care for us also hurt along with us and we seldomly realize this effect.

I have no shame in admitting when I am wrong or have committed a mistake. I hold myself accountable for my actions and try to avoid any confrontation that may lead to violence. But because I will try to avoid such confrontations it does not mean that I will back down from one if needed.

If you see confrontation or disaster heading your way, it is best to look at the entire situation while avoiding any immediate decision. Think of the possible outcomes and become aware of your place in the affair presented. Does the weight of the possible confrontation or reaction justify the results? Did things have to escalate for a message to get through? Was the time and stressed involved able to justify the end result? Would this confrontation really solve or raise issue expectations? Think before you act because hurtful words can never be taken back.



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