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'Clarifying' A Boy Named Aaron

Forcing my lips tightly shut and slowly closing my eyes as my head gradually leaned back, I tried to control my anger, regret and passion. Sitting in front of the computer, I had just finished my first of many stories to be published. But this one was special because it touched the subject of child abuse and so many bad memories flashed before me like some horror film coming from an old movie projector. Thirty plus years of therapy had not prepared me for this moment.

Extensive research and interviews allow me to comfortably say that everyone has suffered child abuse in one degree or another. Intentionally or not, as parents we say and do things that shape a child's basic moral character and social behavior. It all starts at home.

Although the story focuses on one specific example of child abuse it also brings to light how the lack of support and the environment transforms a life at such a young age. This story is narrated from the viewpoint of the child and that is for me what makes this story very different as well as important.because we can see where 'the wheels' start coming off and why. Showcasing the end of innocence and entering the world of fear, the character does thrive because of perseverance..

Because of so many similarities to events and places recognized by some of the people I am acquainted to,

I feared that they would claim that I was outing certain people with my character placement. But to all who have any comments at all about my story I would like to assure that this is a story, not a documentary or a memoir and that any similarity to any other event is purely is titled under 'fiction'.

But having gotten that out of the way I also feared backlash for the length, writing style and subject because there are some people who believe that an ill-informed opinion is good enough to grant them some sort of validation. I am ready for it...I keep repeating to myself.

Depression and insecurities try to overwhelm me, but I truly feel that I have the courage to overcome obstacles and I trust the support offered from my family and friends. It won't be easy to spread my message of awareness, but I am aware of this and am willing to take on the challenge head on. For far too long I had wanted to be heard and heard I will be.

After so much debate and fear-conquering, I took a stand. Perhaps the most important thing I have ever stood up for with such passion. My conclusion was not easy to establish at first, but I reached as deep as I could for the courage needed to face those voices of discord, envy and misinformation. If any acquaintance or other person with any kind of relationship with me feels that they must distance themselves from me for any specific reason having to do with the book, I am okay with that. Those who do know me understand the nature of my actions and if they are not willing to support me, it is alright, everyone has the right to their own opinion and point of hard feelings whatsoever.

This book was my project to help make this world a better place because I do have faith in humanity. I do not claim to have any answers nor am I attempting to point fingers. My mission is very simple, help make this world a better place and that is why I wrote the book.



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