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Trying To Create A Better World

Because I understand that each case of mental illness can be very different than the next, I try to explore different methods to help with mood and motivation. You don't have to try everything that I do but you can pick and choose what you think may work for you, whatever speaks to you. If you feel that something seems like utter nonsense, ignore it and move on. Do not waste your time and effort on things that you have no interest in, look for what can help you right now.

If you don't believe in can and will hit you right in the center of your face. First thing to do is to look at yourself and understand cully that only you are responsible for your happiness, nobody owes you anything,

Only you can allow people to hurt you and only you can create what it is that you want for yourself. You can be kind and receive the Blessings in return or be miserable and have it shared in every aspect of your life...your choice.

When we do kind things for others, there is a sense of accomplishment of sorts or a magical feeling that only an individual smile can explain. This causes a ripple effect. We all share this planet and we are all very different. Find your spot and be open to change because if there is one thing that is constant in life, it is change. Adapt and if you do not like where you are at, make the effort and move. You always have a choice. You may not like the choice offered, the choice may even be the wrong one but you always have a choice. Let your choice today be kindness.



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Never stop being has a ripple effect in the world. Karma is a real thing.

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