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Who is Tony Torres

Born in New York in 1965, Son, brother, father of three (two girls and a boy respectively), veteran and married since 2005. Currently living in West Virginia.

Having suffered severe depression for many years and going through the various drug cocktails as well as therapy cycles, I believe that I have figured out a way to manage my life in a productive and generous manner.

For years I listened to motivational speakers, online so-called 'gurus' and even took on religious theology. None of theses means on there own spoke to me in a manner that I felt was right for me and to be honest, some things and/or methods sounded like plain quackery to me. Some of the messengers sounded condescending and even bullish at times. Others seem to deliberately want to insult my intelligence with outlandish claims and of course...for a price. Seems everyone had 'the secret' if you had the cash.

But collecting a bit of data from medical journals relating to depression and reading up on everything I could, I think that I am on to something and this is what I want to share with all of you. By cherry-picking and extracting information that I felt in my heart was accurate for me specifically,I found that I could help my own self but things had to change about and around me. I invite you to see how this journey goes and what of it can work for you.



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